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CK518 Master Carburetor Repair Kit for Carter YS carburetors

Complete master kit. Includes idle screw and spring, metering rod and pump diaphragms, check valves, bleeder tube, fuel inlet screw, Welch plugs, screws, needle and seat, choke spring and other parts as shown.

Made in USA. Ethanol compatible.

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Price: $99.94


CK518 carburetor kit for Carter YS
Typical carburetor serviced with this kit

Kit Contents

ck518 Carter YS carburetor repair kit for military Jeep M38 models with fording carburetor

Carburetor Numbers Serviced With This Kit




1949-56 134" F, L Eng 1/4 Ton 4x4 CJ-V35-U (Navy) MC, MCI M38 (Army) MD M38-A1 (Army)

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Carburetor service manual
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