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CK819 Carburetor kit for Mercruiser carburetor

Note that the Mercarb looks like a Rochester 2-Jet (2G) carburetor, but is actually a completely different unit. Only the float is common to the two carbs. The Mercarb can be distinguished by the lack of 'Rochester' or 'Two-Jet' markings, which all 2G carbs have.

Please note that there are two different Mercarbs. The one serviced with this kit (CK819) has an accelerator pump with a 5/8" diameter cup and a straight stem.

Made in USA. Ethanol compatible.

Ordering Information

Price: $49.94


CK819 Carburetor kit for Mercruiser carburetor
Typical carburetor serviced with this kit

Kit Contents

ck819 Mercarb marine carburetor rebuild kit

Carburetor Numbers Serviced With This Kit

1389-8488 A2
1389-8489 A5
1389-8490 A2
1389-9350 A2
3304-9353 A2


The other type has a large pump cup with a bent stem and takes our kit CK816.

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