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Holley Carburetor Numerical Index

Holley carburetor numbers are preceded with the letter 'R' or the word 'List'. Numbers that start with other prefixes, such as '6R-' are not carburetor numbers - they only refer to a part of the carburetor. The term 'List' refers to the list of parts that goes into a particular carburetor. In many cases there are suffixes after the carburetor number; these use the same kit. The list below does not include the suffixes. Thus, list numbers such as R-120, R-120-1 and R-120-1A all use the same kit.


Holley Carburetor Numbers

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Holley 852-FFG

Holley 1901-FFG

Holley 2300C

Holley 5200

Holley 859

Holley 1904

Holley 4000

Holley NH (Model T)

Holley 885

Holley 2110

Holley 4165