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Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor Numerical Index

Carter QJet numbers and Ford numbers

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Carter QJet Numbers and Ford numbers

The Rochester Quadrajet design was also built by Carter. Many of these have Rochester numbers, but some had Carter numbers, listed below. Quadrajets were used on several non-GM applications, including Ford 429 Cobra Jet, where they had Ford numbers.
Carburetor Number
Kit Choke Pull Off Choke Thermostat Float
D0OF-A CK347 VB006 F01
D0OF-B CK347 VB006 F01
4446 CK053 VB006 F01
4447 CK053 VB006 F01
4448 CK053 VB006 F01
4449 CK053 VB006 F01
4450 CK053 VB006 F01
4451 CK053 VB006 F01
4452 CK053 VB006 F01
4455 CK345 F01
4456 CK345 F01
4457 CK345 F01
4458 CK345 F01
4459 CK054 VB006 F01
4460 CK054 VB006 F01
4461 CK054 VB006 F01
4671 CK053 VB006 F01
4672 CK052 VB006 F01
4673 CK053 VB006 F01
4674 CK053 VB006 F01
4675 CK345 VB006 F01
4696 CK054 VB006 F01
4848 CK093 VB006 F01
4849 CK093 VB006 F01
4850 CK346 VB006 F01
4851 CK346 VB006 F01
4852 CK345 VB006 F01
4853 CK345 VB006 F01
4887 CK345 VB006 F01
4984 CK093 VB013 F01
4985 CK346 VB013 F01
4986 CK346 VB013 F01
4987 CK345 VB012 F01
4988 CK345 VB012 F01
6126 CK054 VB006 F01
6170 CK053 VB006 F01
6173 CK053 VB006 F01
6206 CK093 VB013 F01
6207 CK350 VB051 CC004 F01
6208 CK350 VB051 CC004 F01
6209 CK345 VB013 F01
6210 CK345 VB013 F01
6298 CK054 VB006 F01
6372 CK093 VB013 F01
6373 CK350 VB051 CC004 F01
6374 CK345 VB012 F01
6375 CK345 VB012 F01
6571 CK350 VB051 F01
6572 CK350 VB051 CC004 F01
9037 CK350 VB051 CC004 F01
9038 CK350 VB051 CC004 F01
9039 CK350 VB051 F01
9040 CK350 VB051 F01
9041 CK350 VB051 CC004 F01
9082 CK350 VB051 F01
9083 CK350 VB051 F01
9084 CK350 VB051 F01
9086 CK142 VB045 F11
9087 CK388 VB045 F11
9163 CK350 VB051 F01
9164 CK388 VB045 F11
9257 CK145 VB045 F11