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At The Carburetor Doctor, we only deal in 'American' Zenith carburetors. The British Zenith carbs are a completely different design as are the British Zenith-Stromberg carburetors.

Some American Zenith Downdraft Carburetors

Set of 3 Zenith Model 28 carburetors from a 6 cylinder marine engine

Zenith Model 28 carbs have the idle mixture screw in the float bowl, Model 228's have the screw in the throttle body. Many 28's and 228's use kit CK514.



Zenith Model 28 Duplex from a late 1940's REO truck

The Zenith Model 28 Duplex (Model 28ADA) was a two barrel version of the Zenith 28. It was used on a variety of large 6 cylinder truck applications in the 1940's, including REO and Federal truck. Many of these are serviced with our kit CK620.

Late Model (1980's) Industrial Zenith 228 With Governor







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