fargo truck carburetor parts

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Please note that the final determination of which parts are needed should be made from the carburetor number, if possible. The applications below should be taken as a guide only, since in many cases parts have been changed in service or there were variations in original production.

Fargo Truck

Year Model Carb Number Carb Kit Float Service Manual
1937 Truck CTH1 CK5212 F72  
1937 Truck ETJ1 CK5212 F72  
1937-38 Truck CTH2 CK5212 F72  
1937-38 Truck, Crankcase Ventilator CTJ1 CK5212 F72  
1937-38 Truck ETJ2 CK5211 F72  
1937-38 Truck, Crankcase Ventilator ETL1 CK5211 F72  
1939 Truck DTA1 CK2 F72 CM2
1939 Truck ETN1 CK5212 F72  
1939-40 Truck ETN2 CK5212 F72  
1939-41 Truck ETP2 CK5212 F72  
1939-42 Truck DTA2 CK5212 F72  
1940-47 Truck ETR1R CK5212 F72  
1940-41 Truck, Cab-Over-Engine 6C1 CK476 F72 CM476
1940-41 Truck. Cab-Over-Engine 6C2 CK476 F72  
1940-41 Truck, Cab-Over-Engine 6D1 CK535 F72  
1940-41 Truck, Cab-Over-Engine 6D1R CK535 F72  
1940-47 Truck ETR1 CK2 F72 CM2
1940-48 Truck, Cab-Over-Engine 6E1 CK535 F72 CM476
1940-47 Truck, "FJ- I ", "FJ-2" DTB1 CK2 F72 CM2
1941-47 Truck, Small Economy Manifold B6S1 CK2 F72 CM2
1941-42 Truck, Cab-Over-Engine 6F1 CK535 F72  
1941-42 Truck, Cab-Over-Engine 6G1 CK535 F72  
1941-42 Truck. "FJ-I", "FJ-2" DTB1R CK2 F72 CM2
1942-47 Truck, "FK-I", "FK-2" DTB2R CK2 F72 CM2
1942-49 Truck (Canadian Only) DTC1 CK2 F72 CM2
1942-49 Truck ETT1 CK2 F72 CM2
1942-47 Truck: "FK-2" DTB3 CK2 F72 CM2
1946-47 Truck (With Governor) ET1      
1946-47 Truck (With Governor) ET2      
1946-47 Truck (With Governor) ET4      
1942-47 Truck, "PK-2" DTB3R CK503   CM2
1946-47 Truck (With Governor) EYB1
1946-47 Truck (With Governor) EYB4
1946-47 Truck (With Governor) EYC1
1946-47 Truck (With Governor) EYC3
1948-49 Truck (With Governor) E7B1 CK503    
1947-49 Truck (With Governor) E7C1 CK503    
1947-49 Truck (With Governor) E7F1 CK503    
1948-49 "FM-1" Truck (Canadian Only) DTD1 CK2 F72  
1949-50 Truck, "FN-I" (Canadian Only) DTF1 CK2 F72  
1949-54 Truck, "FN-I", 11949-50: "F0- I ", 1951-52:
"FP-I", 1953; PC-1-B, D, 1954 (Canadian
DTF2 CK2 F72 CM2
11949-50 Truck, "FN-I" (Canadian Only) DTH1 CK2 F72 CM2
11949-54 Truck, "FN-1", 11949-50; "F0-1", 1951-52:
"FP-1", 1953; FC-I-B, D, 1954 (Canadian
1950-53 Truck, Model "FN-2", 1950; "F0-2", 1951-52;
"FP-2", 1953 (Fluid Dr.) (Canadian)
E7R1 CK2 F72 CM2
1950-52 1, 11/2, 2, 21/2, 3 Ton and -I. D. Trucks E7T1 CK2 F72 CM2
  "FC- / -G, H, J", 1954 E7T2 CK2 F72 CM2
1953 Truck, "FP-7" 31/2 Ton—H. D. E9K1 CK2 F72 CM2
1954 Truck, FC- I -K (Two Carbs. per Eng.) E9Y1 CK2 F72 CM2

Covers 1937-1954 Fargo Trucks - see also Dodge Trucks. Fargo trucks were Dodge trucks built for export, or Dodge trucks built and sold in Canada until the late 1960's.


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