CK198 Carburetor Repair Kit for Holley 4180C/4180EG/4190EG

CK198 Carburetor Kit
Made in USA. Ethanol compatible.
Premium kit including needle/seat nuts and retainer screws.
Includes printed instructions.
CK198 Carburetor Kit
Canadian Dollars

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f053 Float

f053 Float


Ford Truck
1991-88 429" 7.0L H-4 4190EG
1987-79 370" 6.1L, 419" 7.0L H-4 4180EG, 4190EG
1982-79 460" 7.5L (Exc Calif) H-4 4180C
1979 460" 7.5L A/T H-4 4180C

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