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The Carburetor Doctor - carburetor rebuild kits, parts and restoration

Quality carburetor rebuild kits, choke pull offs, choke coils and floats for American carburetors.

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What's in a carb kit?

Most of our carburetor kits contain at least the items shown below (check individual listings for exact contents or contact us) . Many of our kits have additional components not shown below.

Typical carburetor kit contents

typical carb kit contents

  • Instruction Sheet
    An exploded diagram of the carb, rebuilding instructions and adjustment specifications. Additional detailed information is available on our tech pages.
  • Airhorn gaskets
    Most US-built downdraft carbs have three parts, the airhorn, float bowl and throttle body. In this illustration, the kit is supplied with two different airhorn gaskets to cover a couple of different applications. Depending on the kit, there may be one or several airhorn gaskets.
  • Needle/seat
    The fuel inlet seat, gasket and needle valve.
  • Accelerator pump
    Accelerator pumps come in various types. In this case a plunger type pump assembly is shown. Many Holley and Ford carburetors take a diaphragm type pump.
  • Throttle body gasket
    This gasket goes between the float bowl and throttle body. Some carbs, such as the Ford 2100 and 4100, don't use these.
  • Flange gasket
    A gasket between the carb and intake manifold is supplied. There may be several for different applications.
  • Choke gasket, check balls etc.
    Various other bits and pieces, such as clips, seals and gaskets are supplied as required.

Carburetor kits do not contain floats, choke pull offs or choke coils. In general, the contents of our carb kits are the parts specified by the original carb manufacturer for a rebuild kit.

For many pre-1972 applications, our kits include idle mixture screws and springs in addition to the usual carb kit parts. Please consult the individual item listings for exact contents or contact us.