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CK4331 Carburetor Repair Kit for Buick Stromberg AA, AAV

Stromberg AA carburetor rebuild kit
Buick 40 Stromberg AA-1 1937
Buick 40 Marvel Schebler Replacement  Stromberg AAV-16 1937-1938
Buick 40 Special, 50 Super Stromberg AAV-167 1948-1949

(please check carburetor numbers for correct application; similar carburetors using a different kit are also used)

CK4833 Carburetor Repair Kit for 1952-1956 Buick Carter WCFB

Carter WCFB carburetor kit
1952-1956 Buick with Carter 4 bbl carburetor



1961-1990 Buick V8 Carburetor Kits and Parts